Have you ever become bored with the layout of your room? Tried moving furniture around, but that did not do the trick. One of the quickest and easiest ways to update the feel of a room is to change or add to the decor with throw or accent pillows.

You don't need to hire an Interior Designer or be a natural Martha Stewart type to accomplish giving your room a new feel. Honestly, with a few simple cost-effective steps you can achieve a whole new look on your own.

Depending on what your desired end goals are, maybe you can get away with adding a different decor touch. Sure, painting is always a great way to give a room that fresh look, but if that is not for you, try adding or switching out decorative throw


Throw pillows can come in different shapes, styles, textures, and designs. They're a great accent piece to any room, and even with such a simple change you can literally give a room a whole new feel. Pillows can be incorporated by adding one to an accent chair, or several to your sofa. You just need to play around with the pillows to get your preferred results.

Some may feel daunted by this task but realize you're not alone if that speaks to you. Make sure when picking out your pillows you pick out a cohesive and comparable color palette. Start by going from the darkest color to lighter hue shades in similar colors. Add in patterns and designs that are comparable to your color scheme and work well with each other. Make sure your patterns you choose complement one another, as you don't want them to be competing. The end goal is to have the pillows all working together to create that new look for you.

Once you have all your color, patterns, and sizes picked out, you get to arrange the pillows, so they flow together. Play around with the pillows by stacking and placing them, until you find something that you feel works for you. Larger pillows work best on the outer edges of your sofa. Layer your pillows in different sizes to give that visual appeal. Try both even and odd number of pillows. The important thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong way, it's what you like. If you are looking for some great pillow ideas, check out our store E-vangeline online at www.E-vangeline.com, where you will find a fun array of playful, fun, and classic decorative throw pillows.