I know what a lot of you are thinking. This post is selling something for Mother's Day. Nope! You'd be wrong, sort of. I mean, I won't stop you from shopping at my store E-vangeline, if you want to purchase something for your mom there. In all honesty though, I know Mother's Day is right around the corner, and I want you to really think what your mother means to you. Her presence is not always a guarantee.

I am very aware not everyone will have their mothers with them this Mother's Day. Whether their mothers live too far away, or unfortunately, their mothers have passed on. I am fortunate, several times over, that I still have mine, but it has not been an easy road. We have fought illness etc.

These past couple of years, many have lost loved ones due to covid or covid related issues. Several of my dear friends have said their last Earthly goodbyes to their mothers this past year, due to other private issues. Each of my friends, feels sadness, yet they rest assure in the fact that their mothers are now in a better place.

By no means do I intend to bring sadness or tears to anyone. In fact, I want just the opposite that. I want people to stop and pause a moment. For people, to stop and think of what they have. Sometimes we take for granted, as human beings, that our mothers are naturally there. Mothers are there for us, whether we see and do things with them on a daily basis, or if we are separated by distance. Mothers, in most cases, are the single greatest person we will meet in our lifetimes.

So as Mother's Day approaches let honor them. Maybe that means picking up the phone, going over for a visit, or visiting a grave. Perhaps you send her flowers or take her to dinner. All gestures of kindness from the heart are great. As a mother myself, just hearing the words I love you, and happy Mother's Day, put a smile on my face.

This Mother's Day, check up on your friends or family members, that might be experiencing this Mother's Day without theirs. Mothers have important rolls in our lives. Days such Mother's Day can bring a slew of emotions. Although it is easy to feel the sadness of missing a mother, make a point of remembering the wonderful lady she was. Remember what she meant to you, and the happy moments shared together. Talk about her and share stories with others. Honor her memory. As a mother myself, I would want my children to smile when thinking of me, and I am sure any mother would feel the same way regarding her own child or children.

Honor mom this Mother's Day, by acknowledging just how very special she is! Of course, in your own