We are visual creatures by nature. We tend to get caught up in moments in time and want to reflect upon them. We create atmospheres, to partake in as part of an experience. Therefore, it is only natural to use canvas photography as a way to design and decorate our most personal spaces.

When looking to first purchase a canvas art piece, you need to consider what your end goal is. What kind of atmosphere are you looking to create? Is your intended design something that holds meaning for you, based on a memory perhaps? Could it be a place you love to visit or desire to experience? Maybe you love a certain genre, or just looking to add that one special piece that pulls the rest of the room's decor together. Your choice is a deeply personal one, and one that will influence your daily aura and speak volumes of your personality.

If you display calm and relaxing themed canvases, its likely you will feel calm and relaxed. The same thing goes if you display a fast-moving piece of city imagery. You will likely want to move at a rushed pace. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of what your intent is for your space, once it is complete. Is your design area a personal sanctuary, such as a bedroom you are looking to feel relaxed in, or an office space you may be trying to close a deal on? These are things you will want to think about.

The next thing to consider is how much space you have to work with. Is your room large or small? Are you looking to make your small room feel more opened? Etc. Even furniture size matters. You don't want to have over sized furniture within a large room space and this little, miniscule piece of artwork adorning you wall. Same thing can be said about a tiny room and a massive and bulky canvas piece. The idea behind thinking about your space is, you want your room to feel balanced. You want the pieces in your design space to complement one another and make the area inviting. Whether you are adding one canvas or several canvases, to create a larger affect in your decor layout, space is truly one of the first things that need considered.

Along with the space you are looking to create and design in, being conscience of the color spectrum, and tones you intend to work with is important. You might want to consider picking a dominant color and several other tones in your space and find a special piece of artwork that can draw on those shades. This is assuming you are adding your canvas as an afterthought to a room that is mostly complete. If you are just starting out, then take the opportunity if you know you will be purchasing a staple piece, to discover your artwork first and then use the artwork as your template for your eventual color palette. When designing your area, it is important to have a vision in your thoughts ahead of time, a plan if you so will. You will need to have an idea if you are going for a bold look with splashes of color, or if you want a more relaxed cohesive feel, with more neutral blending colors that give a focal point to your room and anchors everything together. These decisions are personal choices, and the finished product will be reflective of your uniquely personal style.

Knowing your intended purpose for your area, along with the space, and colors you are working with, are great starting points for you to consider. Canvas home decor is extremely popular and an excellent way to express yourself and your area. Don't get frustrated if you don't have everything figured out. Consider putting a plan together and give yourself time to really decide what is best for you. Remember everyone's style is uniquely different to them as an individual. You need to find what works for you and makes you happy.

We here at E-vangeline would love for you to browse our fine selection of canvas photography and home decor. We carry an amazing selection of themed canvases for a multitude of styles. Remember the most important part of decorating is to have fun with it, and not let it stress you out. Happy Decorating!